"When it looked like the sun wasn't going to shine anymore. GOD put a rainbow in the cloud" Leroy song .......

What a true statement!!

Our hearts are completely filled with so much gratitude and we have never been as speechless as we were on Sunday July 14, 2019!!! 

Thank you doesn't even seem like enough, To our team, our sponsors, our designers, our vendors, our models, our guest performers, our speakers, and our community we humbly say, THANK YOU !! The Third Annual Bowties and Blazers all male fashion show superceded anything we expected.. When I say speechless I truly mean it.... 

The M.A.L.E Dreamers every collaboration takes us to another level to inspire and be true game changers...

The Legacy Builders your traveling to Savannah from Nashville was indeed a divine showed up and showed out!! These two groups practiced and practiced for EXCELLENCE and it was truly demonstrated!! 

To our families that allowed us to honor their youngkings stolen to senseless acts of gunviolence we say.... keep telling your stories keep being bold and keep operating in #love #doitforJaylen, #doitforTimothy, #doitforJuJuan 



Dominique's life mattered and what someone meant for evil God has given us an assignment that is larger than any evil that can walk this earth!!! 

We will continue to: bring awareness to #gunviolence #celebratelivingsons

And #inspire #empower and #ignite THE WORLD.... 💙🌎💙

Bowties and Blazers 2020 up next.....