Mom's Demand Action Recess Rally


Today Moms Demand Action held Recess Rallies all around the country to put pressure on the Senate to bring HR 8 to a vote.

We had the opportunity to tell our story and the affects that gunviolence has had on our family... #doitforDom #hislifemattered #momsdemandaction #recessrally #survivor #smarterlaws SENATE ACT NOW!!!!

The Senate has got to pass Stronger Red Flag Laws and require background checks for allllll gun sales in America.


Love wins..... Assignment accepted and we are ready to fight until the very end to bring awareness to #gunviolence.... Recess Rally in Savannah, Ga. @momsdemand #survivormomsgrandmomsbonusmoms we are Love...... #suicide#murders Senate ......  background checks for all gun sales.......


Savannah had a great turn out @momsdemand Action Recess Rally today at Forsyth Park. It was an opportunity to hear from #survivors and neighbors who have been affected by #gunviolence while putting pressure on our Law makers to make better Gun sense laws..... #recessrally #momsdemandaction




Dominique's World's -"Holla if you Hear Me" 

An epic panel of Fathers who are determined to get the message out about #gunviolence and their fight to help save #ourchildren. 

3 fathers who have lost their sons to gun violence and 3 fathers that are fighting for #ourchildren. 

Holla if you Hear Me was an absolute success !  !  !  !  God is truly our source !   Thank you to evreyone that contributed to the conversation that we must continue to speak about.  Gun violence is real, our sons are being murdered, families are being destroyed and while there is no one solution, if you sit back and do nothing you are a part of the problem !  ! 

Do it for Dom, Do it for Kaleel, Do it for Jaylen, Do it for JuJuan, Do it for Lawrence, Do it for Dream Makers, Do it for Ella Foundation, Do it for all living sons !  !   

Stay Tuned for Part 2

Stop The violence

Gun Violence Prevention - Finding a solution


In case you missed it.


Members of the Savannah community came together on Sunday for an open floor discussion to address gun violence.

The room was full of people from different races and organizations all coming together as one to talk about solutions to stop violence in Savannah. Topics like gun violence prevention, parents and communities taking accountability for children, even generational gaps and poverty were only a few of the topics that were discussed at the meeting.

Many people expressed their sadness outrage at the fact that three homicides have happened only two months into 2018, asking questions like "What is the community missing?" and "How can we get the community back and most of all how can the community come together and get a hold of the violence that is taking place among our youth?" One attendee had some powerful words to share. 

"For every child that we lose, that is a dream that is buried," said Sandra Smith-McKeithen. "I am so dismayed when I see that just in the last three weeks.. we've lost a 12-year-old, a 20-year-old, a 15-year-old...all of those are dreams that we are sending into prison or into a graveyard.The main issue is getting these children to understand that they do have purpose and instilling hope back into them."

Others like, 15-year-old Dekevian George, says priorities not being in order is a major issue that causes some violence. 

George has had friends and family killed because of gun violence and says he wants to be a leader. He was the only teen at the meeting.

"What is the point?" asked Dekevian George. "Why do you have to take someone else life? Does it make you feel accomplished? There is no point in taking someone's life and it's nothing worth taking someone's life because you wouldn't want someone to take your life."

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The very 1st I AM...Forum / Workshop was a huge success!!!!!

Engaging young minds


A Very Special Thank You to all of our Volunteers

Thank you to all the volunteers that helped to make the 1st I Am workshop/forum a success..... 

Thank you for sharing your stories and encouraging our families that participated.

This was just the beginning.  We are moving ahead with the I Am Forum.

Get ready for Part 2.  

We will be More Energetic, Interactive and inspiring.

Our Youth Matters!!!!!!!

For more information on how you can become a mentor, volunteer or speaker at our next event please contact us at 

(912) 604-4506

Labor of Love - Helping the Victims of Hurricane Harvey


So many memories, friendships, relationships were made today thanks to Ohsoshadedsunglasses and Save Our Youth Latasha Barnes and their visions. 

Coming together to send Love to #hurricaneHARVEY families in Texas....#savannahrocks
GOD is working!!!!! 


!!100 Kids March for Change!!

Celebrating 100 years of service within the community. Thank you Frank Callen Boys & Girls Club for all you do.


Yesterday was an awesome day!!! 

Frank Callen Boys & Girls Club continues to celebrate 100 years of service in the community!! 

100 kids March for Change was the theme!! 

Dominiques World Co-founder Olga Williams along with Alderman Van Johnson and Savannah's Mayor Eddie DeLoach were all guest Speakers and shared in the honor of speaking with the young people of their community about the negative effects silence can have on their neighborhoods, friends and loved ones when we decide not to speak up about #gunviolence.

Frank Callen Boys & Girls Club is a safe haven for children and I commend the staff for their continued success in molding the young people in our community towards a brighter future.






 "LABOR OF LOVE " was a complete success. It was an honor to collaborate with So many Wonderful Organizations today. We all have different: mission statements, fundraising goals, members, and reasons behind our organizations, but one thing that clearly matters is our "Labor Of Love" Thank you Savannah for showing up and showing out. 

To the citizens in Texas Love from Savannah is on the way...#Dominiquesworld#ohsoshaded#saveouryouth#sprint#tmobile#collegeparkbaptistchurch#LB4# and so many more....